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10 Signs That You Can Be Easily Influenced

Do you find yourself easily influenced or influenced by others? This article will help you recognize the problem and how to overcome it.

Kindness is essential for success. It’s a quality that builds relationships and makes you feel comfortable around others. There is a fine line between being kind and being pushy. If you’re too kind, you can make yourself vulnerable to being rejected. You can lose sight of the potential you have to achieve when you fear that others will view you as arrogant, domineering, or malicious for holding your opinion.

These are the most common behaviors of people who desire to please others.

1. Please

When you constantly change or soften your position, you can be a source of joy. You must be firm in your beliefs and be able communicate effectively.

You don’t have to please to win approval. Instead, expect to be treated with respect. To communicate with others in a trusting manner, you must educate yourself.

2. Seek out approval from others

Approval can lead to exhaustion of others. Others cannot give you the inner strength and satisfaction you seek. You cannot achieve success by relying on others. Only faith in yourself and a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals will lead to success.

Learn to ask for what it is you desire instead of what others think you should get. You are the only one who matters. If you don’t want what you want, it doesn’t matter. You can only get what you want in your life if you say it and pursue it.

3. Insincerity

Overly praising others is one of the most obvious indicators of insecurity. People may perceive this as manipulation if you start or end every conversation with a compliment. Although compliments may not be sincere, they can help you manage your insecurity by making another person feel good. You get the false impression that you have gained their approval by making others feel good.

Only self-confidence, not pleasing others, is the key to success.

4. Protective

Others see defensiveness as weakness. In business, people will disagree with your position. You won’t be able to function without feeling depressed, upset, or anxious. It is important to learn how to not accept criticism or comments without feeling hurt. You will not be helped by others feeling sorry for yourself.

Instead of feeling worse, learn to take the feedback of others and grow.

5. Lying

People who are nice create dishonesty by default. You will say you agree with people to please them even if you don’t. If you’re a parrot of others, then no one can really know what your thoughts or value are. This type of lie is caused by fear and driven by the desire to fit in.

People who succeed are those who are confident in their ability to keep going and who don’t mind if they lose friends or family because of their brutal honesty.

6. Don’t overreact

Despair can cause overacting. This is the extra work you put in to prove your worth. You end up doing things that you don’t like because you fear being judged. People lose respect for you if they perceive you are trying to prove yourself. Let others do their part, but relax and let them carry your weight. Mount Everest cannot be climbed by you alone.

You don’t have to feel guilty if you say no. You don’t have to be involved in or do anything that you don’t believe or want. Your “no”s define who you are and what you don’t like. So people can see where they are going and where they’re headed. These limits are important because people won’t consider you and won’t know where they’re going.

7. Hide

You will not be valued if you are unable to express your true thoughts or opinions. Do not hide the truth.

You must accept that conflict is part of being successful. Be brave and voice your opinion. Your opinions are yours. It is impossible for anyone to understand your preferences or to know you if you try to avoid a situation. Do not look for an agreement. Just state the opinion that you believe is right for you.

8. Uncertainty

People who are complacent tend to ask for permission even when it isn’t necessary. In an effort to be polite and respectful, this is common. You will look unintelligent and incapable of making small decisions.

Be brave, be confident and take control of your decisions. It is the fastest way to overcome uncertainty.

9. Excessive apology

Your self-esteem is reflected in your ability to start sentences with “I’m Sorry”. It doesn’t mean you have to be sorry for being here. You don’t have to apologize for your existence. You can start every phrase by using “listen …”.”.

Accept mistakes and be brave. Do not try to be perfect. This is a falsehood. Real people make mistakes, and there is no need to apologize. Learn from your mistakes and you will be a great teacher.

10. Shyness

Your fear of being shy can make you lose motivation and get in the way your passions and your happiness. Being fearful and shy will not help you get anywhere. You will be a victim of the business world’s insensitivity if you are too shy and fearful.

You can have the confidence to chase your happiness. Your life has a unique path. Shyness can make you feel like a ship that is trying to get out of danger. Only if you do it deliberately can happiness and success be yours. Be determined to reach them.

It is ironic that pleasing people almost always leads to the opposite of what you desire.

You must have confidence in yourself and your beliefs to be successful in all aspects of life. Do not live in doubt or seek approval. Instead, educate yourself. Learn as much as you can to succeed. It is important to realize that you are entitled to your opinions. You can still respect others if they do not see things the same way as you do. It does not necessarily mean they are wrong and you are correct. It is exciting and dynamic to embrace differences. When your differences meet those of others, you will experience true growth. Great debates, innovation and differences among people can lead to great ideas.

Remember that the world isn’t black and white. So the next time you aren’t voicing your opinion, remember that approval only ends when you succeed.


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