1976 Chevrolet K10 4×4 Pickup For Sale Pictures

By | August 27, 2018

1976 Chevrolet K10 4×4 Pickup For Sale Pictures. Hey now here at griffeys hot rods and restorations and my buddy Kyle’s got a 77 Chevy truck he’s had for a while. It’s been done once he brought it into griffeys had to redo it and man it turned out nice. So anyways let me run Larry down and we’ll take a look at it griffey Haribo.  I’m doing good Scotty how you doing outstanding get something we’ll be about just hot run well it’s a 77 Chevrolet pickup truck c10. We built for Sharon and Kyle Atkins here in Knoxville Kyle’s had this truck a while and yes he has he’s had it since 1980 about three years old when he got it.

When he brought it to you was I mean it was a nice truck we shot before yes it was it Colin had repainted the truck back in about 95. And it was pretty much a stock truck to some degree   it had a tuned port engine in it and it had20-inch wheels on it. But it wasn’t lowered like this and didn’t have any of the body mods. What have you done as far as body mods on it okay first off. If you’ll notice it has one piece door glass which is 77 pickups only they have vent windows in them. So i’ve got all the door trim out ordered one-piece glass in it put that in it We’ve shaved the door handles got rid of all the trim down.

The sides we’ve had like chrome trim that went down that it had chrome trim that went all the way down. The side on the belt holy we eliminated all of it we took the top seams out of it around the back windows. In this area here the scene here here with all those out and welded those up with the rain gutters out took the rain gutters off strip them off. Welded all the holes up got rid of all that just  everything to smooth it and clean it up as you walk around the back, we took the handle out of the deck lot of the tailgate on it got rid of all of that.

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