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5 Simple And Effective Techniques To Help Raise Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that every day there are A THOUSAND searches for tips to improve self-esteem with more than 30 million results on how to do it?

And you are also here for it, because you feel that there is something with you that is not quite right, because the internal conversation you have about yourself is not the friendliest and because deep in your heart, you feel that you are forgetting. who you are from.

I understand you and you are not alone.

In recent years, I have supported thousands of women in the process of cultivating good self-esteem and have discovered some common denominators that prevent them from improving their self-esteem .

I don’t want this post to become one more that you read without making real changes, so in addition to giving you 5 100% applicable tips to raise your self-esteem, I want you to visualize the biggest limitation that today prevents you from loving and taking care of yourself as you deserve.

I’ll tell you a story:

‘Patricia’ wakes up in surprise and jumps out of bed when she realizes that she is late.

She takes an extremely quick bath, gets dressed while making her coffee, grabs a packet of cookies, and hurries out of her apartment.

On the way he doesn’t think about anything specific, a couple of ideas about his work day, he remembers that he had promised to call ‘Diego’, he laughs at the thought of yesterday’s movie and eats his cookies at every traffic light.

At some point in the day, he learns that there is an interesting, higher ground job position. You consider applying, but it doesn’t give you much thought or analysis and the idea quickly wears off.

At night, when he gets home, he does not feel like much, he takes the first thing in his refrigerator, sits in front of the television, calls ‘Diego’ and the conversation is as boring as ever. So much so that she didn’t even have to pause the series that was playing in the background on the television.

What do you think at first glance, does Patricia have high or low self-esteem?

It’s funny, but the routine that I just described is similar to that of many, many people, possibly yours as well.

And this routine shows precisely the biggest problem that prevents anyone interested in improving their self-esteem from actually doing it.

To have and maintain a good and healthy self-esteem you must have a lifestyle, a way of thinking and communicating and an awareness of the decisions you make that shows that you consider yourself worthy of the best and that you have the ability to build it.

And when we talk that building good self-esteem is a lifestyle , we mean that it is important that you incorporate certain practices into your daily routine.

5 Tips to raise self-esteem

1. Flirting in the mirror

It sounds funny, but the best way to check if you are paying attention to yourself, speaking the right way and seeing yourself consciously is to stand in front of the mirror and flirt with yourself.
What normally happens that damages your self-esteem?

That you have quick encounters with your image reflected in the mirror and in those brief moments you notice that wrinkle that you do not like, in the dark circles, you make strange faces, you notice the tiniest imperfection, you verify that you are what you call ‘ presentable ‘and you shot out of there.

Would you do that if that reflection was the love of your life, or the person you want to conquer?

Probably not.

Do it! Flirt with you.

The first time is going to be strange, you are going to laugh, you are going to feel absurd. But after 3 weeks of doing it it will be natural, you will give yourself the opportunity to see yourself with different eyes , smile genuinely and your look will be one of gratitude instead of evaluation.

2. Be self-compassionate

React with you just as you would react with your version of a 2-year-old child, or a puppy as young as 6 months.

Visualizing yourself talking to them makes your perspective, tone, and purpose of the communication completely different and ensures you – in most cases – that you are self-compassionate.

What is one of the most damaging factors for your self-esteem?

The mental conversations you have with your self-critical voice in which you highlight the mistakes you make and the fears you have.

Whereas if you learn to speak to yourself as you would with a child, you would do so with understanding, motivating them to try again, emphasizing that it is a learning process, showing them different alternatives and much more.

Do it, allow yourself to make mistakes as part of a constant development process, talk to yourself as your best ally and truly believe that the time will come when you can do well what is costing you today.

Failures are the greatest teachers of success.

3. Relate to who accompanies you to grow

In the example of the story that I told you at the beginning, a fairly typical situation is described in which it is shown how you may be wasting time with toxic people who do not add value to your life and this affects your self-esteem.

Those who have good self-esteem value themselves because they know themselves, their goals and dreams, their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses. They are people who love each other and who decide what is best for themselves without falling into narcissism or ill-intentioned selfishness.

Why do mediocre or toxic relationships damage your self-esteem?

Among many other reasons, because by staying in them you forget what is truly important to you, you forget what you want, and you even forget who you are.

So start spending time with whoever inspires you, who contributes to you, who accompanies you towards the goal of becoming the person you want to be.

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It doesn’t have to be just a group of mentors or job growth strategists.

But rather I mean people who are in accordance with your values, who have goals similar to yours, who accompany you with ideas, with positive responses and why not, who also challenge you healthily.

4. Shake your body

Actually at this point I could have put “exercise” or “dance” which is usually the most common, but since I will not be there to accompany you in your daily routine to motivate you to dance to the rhythm of the best song , I just say shake your body whenever you feel insecure.

In those moments of nerves, of fears, of insecurities. When you feel unattractive, lacking in ideas and not wanting anything … shake your body!

Pretend a bee is prowling, or you saw that a spider is about to jump onto your shoulder.

The movement will give you a couple of seconds to break the loop of negative thoughts that come due to your insecurities, reactivate your breathing and forces you to change your posture; 3 factors that are proven to favor your self-esteem.
How does your self-esteem benefit from all this?

Think about the following; When a series of negative, sad, self-insecure or self-critical thoughts come to your mind, your body automatically acquires a strange, tense and usually cramped position.

These thoughts and postures are usually accompanied by atypical breathing and / or pressure in the chest or some physical pain.

By shaking your body and getting into a more active and upright position, your perspective on yourself changes and the longer you stay in seemingly triumphant positions, the more difficult it will be for you to slip into negative thoughts.

5. Understand self-esteem as a whole

The biggest mistake I have seen in those who seek to improve their self-esteem is that they believe; first that self-esteem is the culprit of everything and second that self-esteem is a problem to be solved.

Both statements are wrong.

I am glad that you want to improve your self-esteem, but I want you to know that self-esteem is not a problem that it is today and that it goes away after a magic pill, a surgery, or a couple.

On the contrary, I want you to see self-esteem as that whisper of good morning, full of love and optimism, that your mind tells you every morning when you wake up. It is there, always, every day it wants you to believe in yourself, to know that you are worthy of the best, to give yourself the opportunity to live happily and conscientiously.

That’s how beautiful, good, kind and sincere a healthy self-esteem is. Allow it to go out, allow yourself to live with self-esteem a complete lifestyle that gives you what is best for your present and your future.

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What’s the worst mistake that hurts your self-esteem in the long run?

Pretending to make changes because “you are wrong” as if it were a punishment, a correction or something that comes loaded with guilt.

Instead, seek to make a change in your lifestyle to improve your self-esteem because “you want to be better”, that way your intention will be aligned with positive perceptions and you will assimilate with a better face any decision that increases your self-esteem.


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