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Swimsuits for men: how to wear them according to your body type

Many of us don’t care about the swimsuit we wear, but we need to if we want to look good.

Somewhere there is a beach and if you plan to go on vacation to one of those places, the chances that you will wear a bathing suit will be quite high. That leads us to think how you are going to look walking in the sand, and if the Olympic swimmer’s uniform is the one for you… or not. Men’s swim trunks are often overrated, but it defines whether we’ll look good for the rest of our stay at the beach (or pool party) or not.

Since we don’t all have the same body type and we go from tall to short, baggy to skinny, and from six pack to paunch, there is no single item of clothing that flatters us all.

If you’re a really tall guy, for example, that doesn’t mean you style-proof. For you, it is advisable to balance your height with the classic shorts, a few centimeters above the knee, which will prevent your legs from looking too long.

If, on the other hand, you’re not equipped to be a member of the NBA, choose shorts as well, but cut to mid-thigh to visually lengthen your legs and give the illusion of being taller.

As for the weight and the circumference of the abdomen, undoubtedly the skinny ones have it easier, although all the excesses sin and, if you are almost on the line of anorexia, you have to go for a tight micro shorts in a bright color or with prints, that makes you look a little wider than you really are.

If, on the other hand, you spent the year drinking beer and eating fried foods without spending much time in the gym, the best option is boxer shorts, which usually come with an elastic band and a drawstring to adjust them to the hips.

Don’t you like that style? At least then, don’t wear your swimsuit below your navel. Also, keep in mind that neutral colors or black will help you a little to hide excess volume and, if necessary, not taking off your shirt until the last moment is the most recommended… Although if you are happy with your belly, nothing we have said is necessary.


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