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What Is Personal Motivation

According to the Dictionary, motivation is a set of internal and external factors that partly determine a person’s actions. When we talk about personal motivation we refer to those thoughts, emotions and feelings that move you, that inspire you and that encourage you to do something or fulfill a certain objective, goal or dream.

In other words, personal motivation is the will that makes us strive to fulfill a certain purpose. It seeks to generate an emotional and mental state necessary for us to develop any action properly.

The motivation that the person has to do something is much stronger than any other type of motivation. Many times we hope that others will encourage and motivate us to achieve our goals, but if we become dependent on external motivation, it may not happen as we expected …

On the other hand, if from within we find a true meaning and a reason powerful enough in which to believe, it is much more likely that we will keep fighting.

It is important that we be our main cheerleaders, because internal motivation, that flame that ignites within each one of us, is much stronger, lasting and effective.

External motivation can influence our emotional state, but only intrinsic motivation will be the one that generates the necessary action and makes the person not give up on the obstacles or difficulties that they encounter along the way.

In fact, the word “motivation” comes from the Latin motivus which means movement, and the suffix -tion refers to an action and effect.

Have you ever wondered what moves you?

There are several things you can do to keep yourself motivated.

You can create incentive or reward mechanisms, find a way to think and constantly visualize the end you are pursuing, and always keep in mind the reasons why you started.

Feeding your personal motivation to do things is essential if you want to stay constant on the path to your dreams.

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen. ”

Many times we become our own greatest critic and instead of cheering ourselves on and motivating ourselves to achieve something, we sabotage ourselves by criticizing ourselves and pointing out our shortcomings.

That is why it is important that, no matter what field we are in, we nurture our personal motivation and ensure that there is always a compelling reason that acts as the engine to keep going.


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