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Why Do Successful People Change Jobs Frequently

Although we all want stability, you won’t be able to build a successful career if your job is the same as it was before. If you want to move up in your career as quickly as possible, here are 10 reasons why you should change jobs as often as possible – at most every three to five year.

1. You lose touch with the outside world when you remain in the same company. You lose your ability to see outside of the company and begin to focus on your internal priorities, such as who is at top or bottom politically, your next job, and your goals. The biggest danger of being stuck in one job for too long is losing sight of all that is happening within your industry.

2. If your company is not growing rapidly, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to gain new experiences, new challenges, or move in new directions. It is much easier to learn quickly in a company we already know than to enter one that is new.

3. Although it can be unpleasant to feel incompetent, it is also easy to forget that we learn much more when we are less skilled. Once we are comfortable with a job, a part of our brain goes to sleep. You don’t need to be open to learning and curious. You must be in training mode when you are changing jobs often and not feel incompetent.

4. You have the chance (and the obligation) to increase your value every time you switch jobs. You can redefine yourself every time you move jobs. You can move up to a higher level if you have learned a lot and are ready to be the Head of your department but your boss prevented you from doing so. While you may be able to justify staying in your current role, the truth is that you won’t have any experience to sell an employer or client. The only way to learn is to take advantage of every learning opportunity available.

5. You will feel more at ease interviewing and negotiating your future salary if you switch jobs more often. These skills will not be developed if you stay in the same job.

6. Your intuition will grow stronger if you are constantly changing jobs. Employers will be evaluated as well as you. It will be a waste of time to work for people you don’t know or who don’t help you in your career. Instead, you will have a greater chance of finding a job with interesting people.

7. You will become more comfortable with your job if you are stuck in one job for too long. The supply of ideas you have will begin to decrease and eventually disappear. Cool glasses are necessary to maintain a connection to the collective consciousness and to see where your best ideas originate. You won’t be as creative if you aren’t at work.

8. Companies won’t hire people who change jobs often, even if they were for two or three years. Don’t be discouraged if this is you. You will be able to walk away if such a company rejects your application. Why should you work for a company which rejects people who haven’t been there for five or ten years? You can’t compete with that kind of environment. Move on, thank you for their rejection letter.

9. Your reputation in your field will improve the more you work for companies, and you’ll meet more people. You will feel more confident in new situations and learning what is important when you have worked for more companies. It takes experience to deal with all of it.

10. Your company will be more stable and solid the longer you stay with it, even if your job is changed. Your box will grow if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone with less fear and more often. You will believe you are not capable of doing something else if you don’t. You won’t see the possibilities in your life. These artificial barriers can be broken down by changing jobs. No matter what job you’ve held, you can do anything.

Do not let anyone, not even your employer, limit you. Instead, take control and create your own path.


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