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You Are Unique And That's What Makes You Special - Find Out Why

Nobody is like you, and that is your power.

Because what makes you different from others , makes you unique. And what makes you unique makes you special!

There is a phrase that says: “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself”

Because when you seek to be someone else’s copy, that is THE COPY, you are not the original!

And if in any case, whatever you do, not everyone will like you, well, it is better to live in harmony with who you are: with your essence.

And if people love you or reject you, at least it is, because of who you really are , not because of what you appear.

Nobody likes to surround themselves with fake people.

So don’t try to fit or fit, when you’re done to stand out.

Think of the people you admire. You sure admire them because there is no one like them, right?

They have that spark, that “something” that makes them unique and unrepeatable. And that is how our nature is: unique and unrepeatable, and there is nothing more beautiful than accepting and being in tune with that.

So my advice for the day is: connect with your essence, get to know yourself, keep what you are, but enrich and complement with what you admire from others, as there is always room for improvement.

There is magic within you, but for it to come out, you have to go on a journey of self-knowledge, introspection, and reflection.


«It is you and this is your power. Use it to your advantage! Because that is something that nobody, ever, will be able to take away from you. “


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Hi, my name is Erica Jacquline and I've been involved blogging for a number of sites in recent years. This blog however, is mine. Initially I started this site as a hobby, but it has since started to make me some money and I am now pursuing this by creating content that is educational in all aspects of life. Enjoy!

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